Making of a 500 f4 lens

The making of a 500 F4.

Here’s an interesting three-part series that shows the creation of a Canon 500mm f/4.0L IS lens. It’s a neat look at the guts of glass, and an opportunity to see how exactly the various components of a lens are created and put together.

You get to see the entire process, starting with raw materials and ending with the finished, $8,000-$9000 lens.

Seeing how fine-tuned many of the steps in the process have to be, it’s no wonder these lenses can end up costing as much as a car.

Far North Road Racing round 1

Road racing  back at the Mako track in Mareeba on sunday with round one of the FNQ road racing series.

Weather was scorching,was good to see some new faces,and some great racing.

Retiree Greg Jentikoff had a great showing in formula 3 with three seconds and a third, While  Allain King took all the wins! as he did in the Formula rr and new Boy Billy Smith took all the seconds in Formula rr and a win in 250 production.

Great start Billy!!! Other New boys Damien Caelli and Doug King both showed a lot of Potential in the 250`s

Billy showing some good form on his first outing.


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Motor bikes

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On Sunday had a great shoot at Marreba Mako Track near Cairns for the FNQ road racing club.

Was some great racing with the usual suspect A.king,D.Howett and Ross Taylor having some close racing except Ross who blitzed the field on his supermoto.


New boy Aron Taff (picture) Has a good showing and shows a fair bit of potential on his Honda.

A.king(picture below) was back to his crashing ways.

Crashing 3 times at the meeting,Maybe he shouldn`t have sprayed his bikes.